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new comer questions!

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Hey guys!

So I just bought a 2006 2.8L 5speed crew cab and have some general questions for the experts here.

First off, when I bought the truck they had to do all the regular maintenance but they also had to machine one of the cylinder heads and replace the gasket. (assuming that this is a known problem with these trucks correct?)

Second, I have a P0442 code that just came on, with my research it seems like it could be the gas cap, vapor canister, or evap solenoid. Does anybody have any experience with this code and what I should check first?

Lastly, going to do an oil change, it has 117600KM on it and was wondering if I should use full synthetic or not? I've always used castrol oil but wasn't sure if full synthetic would be the way to go..?

Sorry for the long post but I'm new here and want to ask the experts!

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Welcome to the forum. We have the exact same truck basically except I don't know what color yours is

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Thank you sir! Mine is blue, I have yet to get any good pictures up I have to do a detailing first :)
i would say do some reading on the topic, there are tons of threads about it, and if after that you still have questions, these guys will jump in. your questions have been answered here

I will follow up with this in a little bit............
For your oil question. I have a 2006 3.5 and use conventional oil. No issues with it. I believe after 2008 they recommend synthetic oil. :welcome2:
I would not switch over to a full synthetic on a high mileage motor. No need, and just a lot of extra money to spend.

If you have any oil leaks through seals you may consider a high mileage oil. High mileage oils have additives that will swell the seals making them seal a little better.

Regarding the P0442; Small Evap Leak. It could be several things, but the quickest and easiest place to start would be the gas cap.

Do you have any idea what the previous owner used for oil? Synthetic oil has it's advantages, but the regular is just fine and will not affect the longevity, as long as it is changed regularly.
Yeah I was thinking at starting at the Gas Cap as that will be the cheapest and then go from there.

Unfortunately, I don't know what kind of oil has been used in the truck but I know the truck wasn't taken care of really well so I'll be lots of maintenance on it this summer.

I'm thinking of just going with Castrol GTX High Mileage oil since I already had a cylinder head problem and I've used that oil before when I had a ranger and I didn't have any issues.

Thanks for the input guys and I can already tell I'll love this forum!
Probably the charcoal canister shut-off valve.
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