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Before anything else, I want to Thank everyone here
for all the great info,posts,links,tuts, etc provided.

Here is a C&P from the intro I did in the other site: (lightly edited)
I've been here for a few weeks now, so I finally decided to do the intro.

My name is :somb: *****, I live in A.P, Texas and I recently purchased a black 05 Colorado Xtreme,
Truck was gutted to do the following:

also did the floor and finished the doors.

Currently upgrading Sound System:

Two Solo X 10" Dual 2 ohms
Custom Down Firing Enclosure (Purchased)
RF T30001BD (@ 2 Ohm load roughly 2000 watts rms)
RF 3Sixty.2 using a Tungsten E2
Peripheral Ipod2Car Module using 4G iPod (bass music only)
RF T162S for both Front and T162C Back
RF Power1000 5 channel amp (Sub channel not being used)
200Amp Alternator from High Amperage Alternators
Kicker/RF 0 Gauge Wire everywhere possible
1 Kinetik HC1800 Under the Hood (Made it fit)
3 KinetiK HC2400*** Still waiting for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

***= Items that have not been purchased yet.

Just in case someone ask I'm not doing these to compete, just don't want to be out beat.:naughty:
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