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New from Ab Canada

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Hey guys. I've had my GMC canyon since 2013, loving it.
5spd 2.9. I have a brief question as well. On the black plastic part above the bumper, there's a hole indent that says " remove for ball". Theoretically, I cut this out, put a ball in and its good to tow?
I've been trying to get info from dealers and salespeople but they have no idea. Cheers. I love this site, and visit almost daily. Looking to start modding the truck soon! Turbo...maybe ;).
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Sorry can't answer about the bumper I don't haul anything

But there is a member that is starting to build turbo setups
Yeah you can put a ball in there and do some light towing. The capacity is pretty low, however. The manual should say what the capacity off of the bumper is. It won't be nearly as much as it would be if you put a class III hitch on.
Yeah I've been following him anxiously for a while!
The sidebar says I'm from Regina, SK. This is also correct. Current studying in AB and spend most of my time here.
Hey there welcome here.

I would really install a receiver hitch over using the bumper.

Also less risk in damaging the the bumper from to tight a turn.

The towing capacity of the bumper should be molded in the plastic, just forward of the hole for the ball.
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