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New from TN/VA

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Hey y'all. Im new here. Just joined recently and havent been on much. I am active duty in VA. Have had my baby for a yr now and wouldnt trade her for nothing. I have a 12 Chevy Colorado v8 5.3L 4x4 z71 with just over 50K. All stock...for now ;) Will be getting my interior hydrodipped soon and will post pics when finished. Looking at custom airbrushed graphics and a lift with bigger tires. The current pic is when I first got the truck, I tested the 4 wheel drive like any country girl would do ;)
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Welcome to the nation
Welcome to the nation
I'm originally from TN born on Knoxville but lived in many places on the eastern side of TN. Right now I'm in VA in Hampton stationed at Langley afb.
Your a chevy girl in the military.... WELL HOWDY ;p don't be offended if I try to hit on ya hahahaha jk but serious.. WELCOME!!..........edit..... HI RIKKI lmao well in that case.....
Welcome to the madness
What he said! :welcome2:
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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