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New guy from ohio !

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I'm new on here and I've got a 05 Black z71 4 door. Anyone with extreme knowledge about these trucks message me. I'm starting a project and I need help with the back seats. I'm taking them out and need to know what car seats I can make fit !
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The rear seat from the h3t fits I believe. The h3 rear seat can fit with modifications. Mind you I don't have a four door so I'm not 100% but that's what I've read also h3 front seat are bolt in replacments for the Colorado front seats
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H3 seats up front are a direct bolt in...the backseat from the H3 willl fit, but requires fabricating new seat brackets

As far as adding regular car seats or a pair of bucket int the back.......good luck, the rear floor boards sit much higher then the front. Not saying it can't happen, but your going to have some serious fab work ahead of you
Well I have a 15 inch sub I want in the center. I can do all the fab work I know it'll take time. I just wanna still have back seats cause right now I can't haul anyone lol
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Welcome,I am also new. I was wondering about the front seats as well, and now I know.
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