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New guy from Tampa, FL

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Hello and greetings to all of my ATLAS brothers and sisters!

My name is J, and I recently discovered the awesome, torque-fueled might of the 2005 3.5i, 2WD ZQ8 --- I LOVE this truck!!

I am planning on eventually having the engine rebuilt (currently @ 169***miles) with upgraded internals, going for a boosted build --- 4L80E swap, driveline, etc....

I am open to any comments and/or suggestions but, I will definitely be keeping the 3.5 in my baby :rrado:

**I am currently looking for some nice 18 wheels for her ---- any direction would be greatly appreciated**
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Welcome to your new addiction

There are a few members that have some factory 18s up for sale; check out the classified section
Welcome to the "Nation" !!!
Welcome to the nation
Welcome to the forum. Good people and info here.
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