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New here from tx

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Looking for a 355 crew cab 4x4 with a v8
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Solid choice! Good luck with your search.
Yay you found the new member page. Little more info oddball. Lol

And did you apply for the tx355?
Not sure I'm on my android and still trying to figure the app out
The s10 zr2 aka lil devil still needs some programming and other work before or at next meet
Look on the upper right hand side. The 3 dots. Touch those and click Web view. When you get there zoom in touch user cp. Zoom in on next page touch group memberships on the left side. Next page scroll down until you come across the tx355 or any other group you wanna apply for. And I or cdk will get you approved.
Good luck with your lookings
I think there's an orange 4x4 v8 for sale in La Porte, TX
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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