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Hello from Canada, I'm the recently new owner of a white 2005 GMC Canyon (z85 i believe).

everything is basic, except cruise control and A/C.

it's a 5 speed manual, extended cab.

owned it for 2 weeks now and so far I like it. Mods so far are a straight pipe, Kenwood DVD deck, 2 kicker subs, changed some interior light bulbs to blue/purple, and thats about it. The straight pipe is horrendously loud in the cab, its dumped off the flange just past the last cat. I'm working on a pipe that will exit out the side in front of the rear tir (maybe both if i feel like building a y-pipe), and hopefully that will reduce most of the drone. I also think it might be giving me a code (it came on about a week and a day after i straight piped it. I need to get a code reader on that)

Future mods:

-Headlights: I've ordered up some HID bulbs, 6000k, but some new housings will probably be on the way.

-Suspension: I'm thinking about the DJM 2"/3" drop.

-Wheels & tires: as of right now i like the Boss 330 20x8.5" wheels, but that will probably change before i buy anything.

-Fog lights: I want to retrofit some OEM fog lights into the truck, my truck just has the plastic covers where the OEM fog lights usually are. If there is a write-up on that that someone is willing to point me towards that would be awesome.

Thank you! look forward to forum-ing with al of you :p

Here's the only pic of my truck i have atm.


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Howdy & welcome!! :welcome:

Always wondered how lowering worked with all the snow up there....... Maybe y'alls roadcrews do a lot better job than they do here...

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Welcome to the 355Nation!

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