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New member in California

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Just wanted to say HI. Been on the Facebook page for a while but finally got set up here. I've got a 06 Extreme crew cab which is my daily driver and it earns it's keep. Lol.


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:welcome2: be sure to check out or if you haven't yet!!!!
Welcome good job on the pic looks A little close to the wall
Right around my old stomping grounds I'm from Merced
Welcome you'll find THIS forum is a lot more active and you'll learn a lot more than the others. Trust me I've abandon the others and stuck here because of that.
Welcome to the Site I live in Tulare and work in Fresno so keep an eye out if you have not seen me around yet we also have a few other members that live there too.
Welcome to the Nation!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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