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new member in SoCal (Van Nuys)

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Hello. My name is Don and I own a 2005 Colorado. I have joined this forum to have access to information to hopefully perform repairs on the truck myself. Will now attempt to start or locate (a 'thread'?) regarding the vehicle dying unexpectedly in traffic, won't crank, no sound of fuel pump pressurizing. Restarts in a few minutes.
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Welcome to the fourm , be sure to check out
Welcome to the nation
Might be a passlock issue
Welcome to the site Don.

Did you have it sitting for a while prior? This just happened to a co-worker this morning, his truck was sitting for a while and he decided to drive it this morning and it did the same thing. Started up fine a few mins later but then died again, I'm having him check the battery.
Welcome to the nation.
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