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new owner with ?s

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new to this truck but not to forums. on almost everyday. any owners over here should check it out.

just sold my 99 s10 zr2 4.3 v6 extended cab and picked up an 06 colorado z85 2.8 I4 crew cab 4x4 auto. only reason i sold the 10 was because the body panels were rotting right off it. I'm happy with the looks of the new rado but its a little low and its an absolute pig and sounds like a dam civic! I'm regretting selling the 10 a lil bit as it could probably run this rado right over.

first off, any known problems with it? will it take abuse? This effing truck already left me walking within 48hrs of owning it while my 10 never left me walking in 6 years of owning it. The PCM went and needed to be replaced. $490 later...

how do i make it not an embarrassment power wise? some will say i bought the wrong truck and i would probably agree but i got a deal and a half on it. Whats the go to formula of parts to bring the power (and MPGs?) up.

will 31 10.5s fit with shackles and keys? or is BL needed also?

i also want an integrated satellite radio as i have a siriusXM subscription and don't want that gay receiver sitting on my dash. don't know anything about car stereos. I skipped that bumpin system phase of my teenage years.

any help or advice would be awesome!

only pic i have
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:welcome2: If you're after power I'd recommend getting a good intake, gut the cat on the exhaust manifold, get a free flowing exhaust and then get a tune. Look around the site some and check out what other people have done. One reason these trucks feel so sluggish is the stupid torque management.
Haha that gay receiver welcome pal. I have 31s on my rado and it doesn't feel sluggish at all. I also did an intake which I regret only because it doesn't allow me to pass the visual for smog. Honestly I didn't feel shit on the HP category and I had better mpg with the stock intake. I'm putting that shit back in. Good luck and keep that truck man. You got the four by so you got the good one lol.

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I think going with a 31" tire will be a little challenging for your 2wd Z85. Somebody has recently installed a 30x9.5 (245/75-15) and it clears.

Your 4 cylinder with likely a high gear on a Z85 tune will probably have a little struggle rolling the new shoes. Yes, it will do it. Will it fit, questionable. Will it cost a bunch in gas. Yes.

I had to add that paragraph because your 1st post already expresses concern over your lack of performance.

I am going to guess your stock tire is 225/75-15. A 31x10.5 is 7% larger. Something you will notice with low power and a high gear ratio.

There isn't a real formula of what you can do to make mileage better, but the formula most definitely does not include installing larger/wider tires.

I never knew Satellite radio receivers were bias to gay or straight. Valuable information.
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So, OP gets a great deal on a 8 year old 4 cyl 4x4. He complains about performance and gas mileage, and also wants larger tires and a lift.
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