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Well I changed my spark plugs and wires today. The 5.3 has 116,118 miles and and still runs like new. The #1 plug was a mutha...!! That one plug took me almost an hour by itself. The big ass (2 1/2" in diameter) cable with multiple smaller cables coming from the fuse box and battery fought me all the way. I tried from the top over the fender...nope, tried taking off the inner fender, nope, ended up hovering over the engine itself and coming in from over the intake plenum. The only way to get the plug started. Like I said, I tried from over the fender and under the wheel well and nothing doing. The other 7 were typical and just needed patience w/o cracking my knuckles to bad...

Ended up using the new 41-162's in place of the OEM 41-110's and after a day, no issue. I noticed a better idle and quicker start.

I ohm'd the old wires on Rx100 and all old wires were between 850-920. The new ones were around1000 Part number Delco 748UU from Rock Auto. The plugs looked in good shape, all had burn stains where they fired and all showed little resistance too. Not bad at all for 116K miles.

I used 3/8" to 1/2" adaptor with a 1/2" ratchet on the end to break loose the spark plug and switched to a 3/8" ratchet to finish taking out the plug. I also used a 3/4" deep socket on the end of the spark plug socket to hand turn the plug all the way out and the same for starting the plug, then finished with a ratchet keeping the the 2 sockets in place. the little extension was a tad to long in the small spaces.

Since the truck idles real good, no need to replace the coils at this time. Injectors are cleaned using Seaform in the tank every 3 fill ups or 900 miles which ever comes first. I did buy the Seaform TB cleaner and will be doing that soon.

BTW, I've owned the truck since new.
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