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New Texas i-370 member

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New guy here from Texas. Just picked up this i-370 LS about a month ago. It came with those Chevy wheels and the bed cover. This is my daily vehicle as I also currently own a 59' Chevy Apache and an Audi A6.

My plans for it include changing the wheels out to something black, getting some bigger tires, painting all the chrome black, nice stereo, and some type of suspension modification. After reading the forums for a few weeks I am more confused than ever on how to lift my 2WD so maybe someone could give me some input, haha.

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Welcome to the site . nice truck , enjoy
welcome man! irving here, visit the south section where he have our local chat!

Thanks for all the welcomes.

welcome man! irving here, visit the south section where he have our local chat!

I work in Dallas and live in Frisco. I've already been reading the thread. :thumbup:
Howdy & welcome!!

Please take a minute to review the site rules,

Also, check out the New Members Handbook located at This will give you an idea as to what this site has to offer you as far as information goes for your Colorado/Canyon. It also will answer a few questions that are commonly asked on this site.
welcome, finally another zuzu owner
:welcome2: nice looking truck
Welcome. If you're looking to sell those wheels. They're a hot item and someone will snatch them in a minute
:welcome2: :wavey:
welcome to the site man. Those wheels are worth a decent amout of money so when you get new wheels you can get a good chunk back if you want
:welcome2: lifting is actually less complicated and cheaper when workin with a 2wd
1 - 20 of 49 Posts
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