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Hi to everyone on this forum I am new to it but have been reading some of the threads for the past few weeks. I'm right smack in the middle of doing a bit of work to my 05 crew can z71 and went the snow clears abit I'lol clean her up and post some pics. Just wanted to say hi and thank everyone that does post as your threads, tips and how tos have been amazing

Eric for ontario, canada
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Welcome Eric... ! Have any pics? We like pics. Hehe
Hi lil_nene as soon as I finish the maintenance I've started I will post some pics(and as soon as I figure out how hahah)

Only had my colorado a few months but so far I have done the
Exhaust(magna flow 40 series outlaw)
Rough country 2.5 levelling kit(TB spacer and shackles)
In the middle of doing ranchero 5000, new ball joints and tie rods,
Have a set of 22's for the summer and running Hercules terra tracks for the winter
It's an 05 crew cab like I said earlier and started out red but due to rust when I baught the truck I decided to get rid of the rust and shoot it from above the door handles down in an etching primer, 2 coats of rust paint(flat black) and 2 coats satin clear so no more rusting for the winter! In the spring I am doing a 3" lift and reprinting the whole truck. Also thinking of doing a roll pan, I'd love to get rid of the drums in the rear an id like to fab a checker plate skid plate in the front

Below are some pics from the first week. The pic of the rim is after I refinished it, the pic of the Avalanche has my 22"s
The av was my last truck but after 300000 and towing every week (work trailer) tranny went and I figured it was time. Love the colorado so far


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Welcome Eric... ! Have any pics? We like pics. Hehe
Welcome from Cranbury, NJ Eric! Thanks for joining! Would love to see some pics of your ride! Are you planning on doing some mods to it? If you ever have any questions, please be sure to reach out.
Thanks for welcoming me. Put up some pics and a quick write up of some of my plans
One thing I might tinker with:
Just replaced drivers side mirror and I might take the old housing apart and see if I can make a factory looking towing mirror
Welcome to the forum
:welcome2: nice truck. Your not wasting any time customizing the colly. This is the right place for ideas and help.
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