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"newb" from jersey

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well im a newb only to 355nation. ive spent a year or so over at and decided to make an active profile here. ive gotten a lot of help from some guys over there and wanted to see what the grass is like on this side too.

so heres my little intro. ive had my canyon for about a year and a half now and have done some simple mods so make it "mine". i bought it used with about 83k on it and im at about 110k now. i do a lot of highway driving.

my first mods were remote start [viper] and a new head unit [pioneer fh-x700bt] and door speakers [jl audio tr600cxi and jl c2-650's]. im in a wedding band so my sound quality is really important for when i need to learn new songs.

only a couple months later i threw on the rough country 2.5' lift and some new Cragar Soft 8's wrapped in some General AT2's and the thing is a beast in the snow. i dont do mud offroading as its my only vehicle and i like to take care of it but i do a lot of snowboarding up in vermont and its been unstoppable so far. i still have a few things in mind for my next mods but for now im happy with that i have. heres some pics ive taken over the past couple months.


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Nice lookin truck so far. Welcome! Where in jersey are ya?
central. usually cruisin around woodbridge to north brunswick area but make my way down to toms river and manchester pretty often. what about you?
Well I used to go to rutgers new Brunswick, then I lived in I live in mays landing, 08330. If you ever need a monkey to help you with somethin I'm your man lol. I have a pretty decent shop set up with a lift and some basic air tools :)
welcome from Sayreville
ahhh good old slutgers. haha. ive spent a couple nights at some frat houses there myself. thats as close as i came to the college experience. thanks for the offer also. im pretty handy myself and have a decent tool collection but if i ever find myself in a bind ill be sure to look ya up.

thanks blue. thats a killer vette you've got there.

thanks t bone. ive actually worked with a dude we called t-bone. t-boneous maximus. haha.
Welcome from Clifton
Welcome. Your surrounded by a bunch of og members. Not a bad thing. Welcome
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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