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Newb Lift Questions

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Searched this a bunch of times and found some research on them but all of the links to the products are expired.
I'm a total newb to the lifted truck scene as my Colorado is dropped at the moment. I'm looking to lift it now, its an extra cab z85 and the front is strut style, and looking only to lift it a couple inches nothing serious. I'm planning on running 31" tires and do a little off-roading here and there. I don't have a bunch of money so I was looking at maybe 1" shackles and a 2.5" spacer up front? I seen suspension maxx spacer but it was a little pricey for just the front lift, I figured id go with spindles if I decide to spend that kind of money. I was reading that your able to use the Toyota spacer on the z85 but all of the links mentioning the spacer in previous post are expired, can someone steer me in the right direction for a 2.5" lift kit?
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