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Newbie from Dfw, Tx

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Name is Jonathan
Have a 2012 Colorado z71 2wd. Bought it in July 2012 and decided to start doing a few things.

The tint was put on 3 days after I bought the truck. I cant stand clear windows.

Put 2 inch shackles, rear shock extenders, crankes the bars, flipped the upper ball joints, and a 1.5 inch bodylift.

More to come over the next couple weeks. Waiting on parts.

My main money pit is my jetski. 2014 Hurricane.
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plenty of dfw area members on here.
check out the south section in the local meets section.
Welcome to the party!
Howdy and welcome!! :welcome:

The DFW crew gets together quite often.........I'll even show up occassionally!
Welcome! And be sure to join the tx355.
Can't see ur pix
Hell yeah!!! Another silver birch in DFW!! w00t w00t!!!!!

Welcome to the party, we're the weirdest of the bunch, but that's what makes us so much better ??
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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