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I want to get another group buy going for the TSM rear disc kit. We need at least 5 people in order to get the same deal as last time.

Welcome All,
So this is going to be the sign up thread for the group buy on the The Streetrod Mfg. Co., Inc. Rear break kit (2533)

Offered Price:
a) Part Number 2533A- (w/o parking brake) - $351.96
b) Part Number 2533A+ - $541.96 (we are getting $98 off their sale price of $639.95)
c) Part No. DS (Dimpled & Slotted Rotors) - $63.96



Notes for Installing:

1) Rear Caliper Parking Brake Lever Adjustment - @BigR

This procedure must be performed as part of the rear caliper replacement operation. Failure to adjust the parking brake lever, before you apply the hydraulic brakes, can result in no parking brake and possible premature brake wear or damage. Adjust the parking brake levers by pushing them forward. Each time you push them they should move off of the stop less. To be properly adjusted, they should only move off of the stop 3/8 to 1/2 inch. If they will not adjust try putting a lever between the rotor and the pad and putting pressure on the piston. Now push the lever releasing pressure on the pad as the caliper adjusts. These are the only two ways we know of to adjust the parking brake. If the calipers won't adjust you will have a low pedal and the piston will retract too far and will use up all your hydraulic pedal travel to put the brakes on. Once the parking brake calipers are adjusted put a c-clamp on between the lever and the bracket to hold the brakes locked up. Note: An easy test for proper lever position is to grasp the brake pad and try to shake it. If any rattling is heard, the parking brake lever requires adjustment.

Additional Parts:


1) Here is what you will need to adapt the existing brake line. You will have to cut the existing line to fit. Then flair the end and use the fitting shown below. It is a 3/16" brake flair nut. Then screw the brake line into the flexible line that is secured to the welded bracket you installed and bingo you are good to go.

3/16 brake line nut mine is Napa #641-3297 cost $1.08
So if you'd like to get in on this and actually have the money to do this, please post here and I'll get the ball rolling on this.

1. AceX

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I'm in.

EDIT: Nevermind... Seems there's not enough interest to make this happen in a reasonable time frame...

Go ahead and remove me from the list... Gonna just order the SSBC Front and Rears and be done with brake stuff.

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if any of you can weld, the weld on bracket is 20-30 dollars for both sides.
calipers from any parts store are way cheaper, as is the brake hoses,

you can have rear disc for under $200 or under..

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Trouble is finding the disc. My machinist has been working on a rear disc kit for a while, and just needs to find a proper rotor
Has he looked at the front disc off of a 73-87 K10 4wd Chevy truck? 11.9" diameter, 6x5.5 lug pattern, 101.7 center bore.....
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