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2008 Z85 3.7L LT 4x4 Stock
PCM has latest dealership updates - 11/2016

Hey there! Seems like many people on this forum have had great success with a PCM tune. I am interested and want to research my options, prices, etc.. before jumping into it.

Unfortunately, a 'mail-in' tune is not an option for me. Does anyone have experience with tuning shops in CT? I found one not too far away, Jannetty Racing. They use HP Tuners and offer two packages:

  • Street tune @ roughly $400
  • Dyno tune @ roughly $650

Curious as to the potential gains from a dyno tune (If any. Keep in mind the truck is bone stock). What I would like is to remove/reduce torque management, firm up the shifts, and maybe tune for 91-93 octane (depending on how much performance I can potentially gain).

So, with that said, is there anything I should look into in order to gain a good balance of fuel efficiency (for the weekdays) and performance (for the weekends)? I'm not too concerned about the tune paying for itself over time, I just want the truck to be more enjoyable without taking a huge hit to mpg's. If an extra 30HP and 1-3 mpg's is achievable, then that would make me happy.

Also, are those prices above somewhat fair? If so, i'd like to provide a list of what should be tuned, so let me know if i am missing any essentials.

Thanks for the read, let me know what you think!
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