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Odometer is reading 999,999

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so i just recently bought an 07 canyon with the 2.9 with an automatic, and there is a problem with the odometer/BCM. the previous owner decided to jump the truck with a 24v system and they fried the computer. Well the dealership i bought it from replaced the computer but now the odometer reads 999,999 and the trip counter doesnt work either. The truck runs great and everything is tip top, but that darn odometer bugs the crap outta me.

is there any tips to try and fix it or is it something that ill need to take to a shop to have the computer tinkered with?

Thanks for the advice in advance.
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The recorded mileage is stored in the BCM. If the Dealer (GM?) replaced the BCM, they should have updated the mileage at that time. What was the mileage reading when you bought the truck? There should be an odometer reading on the bill of sale. I didn't think it was legal to sell a vehicle with the odometer inoperative. If it went "inop" after purchase, the replacement BCM may be defective.
it wasnt a gm dealer it was just some ma and pa dealership. the bill of sale has the correct mileage on it. i dont believe the dealership had it taken to gm to have bcm replaced pretty sure it was just a swap out in their garage. and its not illegal to sell a truck with a misreading odometer, its just a lot more paper work i have to remember to take to the DMV. at least thats what i have understood.

Thanks for the welcome
I thought that was an illegal transaction too.

I mean if I change my odometer and sell it to you, I do believe it's an offense.

Either way, good luck tracking down a fix. I hope it's easy.
not sure about all states, but in az its not illegal, just when registering it you have to add on the title its not the correct mileage.

ive bought and sold many vehicles like that.

but anyone with a tuner can fix it, or best bet is just a trip to your local GM dealer and have them fix it. check for any free updates or recalls needed as well.
That's all it reads? 999999 nothing else right ever at any time?
If everything electrical (switches, lights, indicators, etc) inside the vehicle are functioning properly, it may just be the instrument cluster's on-board odometer memory storage that got fried. Look for a used cluster online that has less mileage than what the truck is believed to have and swap them out. The BCM, provided it is working properly, will update the cluster with the original mileage data.
Sensei Dan!
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