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OEM 2WD lower control arm s w/ Belltech 2" lowering ball joints installed

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Well i went from lowered to lifted, so my control arms are for sale.

2007 lower control arms with 70k miles on them. Lowering ball joints have about 10k miles on them. Comes with arms and upper ball joint shims. You will need to buy new bolts for the upper ball joints.

300$ OBO shipped to lower 48 states.


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so no one want s to install lowering ball joints and not worry about cutting their lower arms? With these, you should be able to have them fully installed in about 1 hour
BUMP, OPEN TO OFFERS, needs these gone
Not everyone has 300 bucks laying around. But I'm not saying thats not a good deal. Cause it's a helluva good deal. Wish I had my tax money.
I'll give you $200 for them shipped. Just to have them for spares.
@Kwon Bump for a cool dude to deal with.
Ill do 225$ just to get them out of the way
Private messaged ya on Mon, the 26th.
Did not receive? Haven't heard back...
I purchased these on the 22nd. I have not received conformation of shipping yet though.
sorry, they a boxed and should make it to fedex today or tomorrow. Last week was really busy
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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