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Hi everyone, I finally finished my long time project. Took me more than a year to complete an ls swap and a frame swap on my 06 I5 Colorado. I bought 2 v8 Colorado for parts and since I’ve took everything that I needed it is now time to get rid of the rest. Here’s the list of what I have for sale from the 2009 5.3 Colorado.

2 v8 steering racks (1 with cooler, power steering pump and lines )
Ac lines with compressor
Brake booster
Abs pump
Oem exhaust manifolds
Custom exhaust with dual exits (cat delete)
Steering column with ignition switch and keys (canadian truck)
Clutch fan
Fan shroud (broken in 2 pieces)
Front diff with 4.10 gears
Rear diff g80 with 4.10 gears
Ecu + TCM (tuned via hp tuners)
Engine harness (ground needs to be reworked according to previous owner)
Torsion bars
Fuse box

all of those parts are of the truck ready to go

still on the truck I have

gas pedal
Leather seats very dark pewter 6/10 condition

I’m from Montreal, quebec, canada. Selling locally because shipping in Canada is super expensive. Asking price is 2000 USD for everything listed. Message me if you are interested, give me your phone number and I will send you pictures since I don’t know how to post pictures.
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