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OKlahoma City Mini meet, Thunder vs. Grzzlies NBA game

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OKlahoma City Mini meet January 8,2011

We are going to meet @ Buffalo Wild Wings on I-40 & MacAurther near Wal Mart,Home Depot & Harley Davidson World at a time TBD to eat,hang out and take pictures of the trucks.

Please join us at BWW even if your not intrested in going to the basketball game

Lone Star Blaze
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awesome man :thumbup:, game is more of an incentive for getting people to make the trip I think.
Thats cool beeper glad you can atleast come hang with us for bit.

No promises but I may have the $$$ to put down for a deposit for 15 tickets next week
Thanks rich
Ill go but...
A. i cant drink :( legally anyways.
B. not sure if i can go to the game but i can attempt to! no promises
It's cool tickets to the game are looking harder & harder to get but we will still have a meet of some sort game or no game.
I'll prob try to come, its not to terribly far for me, depending on if i have to wait anymore on my truck to get here or not, i know i can get off work, ill let yall know one way or another in a couple days
Your in arkansas right?, ill update this in a bit I been meaning to all week. I'm in the middle of replacing u joints and bathing kids right now.
Ok it looks like Thunder group tickets are not going to happen but if you want to try to get tickets on your own, go fo it i will probibly do the same. The Thunder are just too hot of an item right now.

What time do you guys want to meet at BWW? and would you be intrested in another group activity during the day. Like say the OKC bombing memorial, lazer tag if the place on N. May ave. is still open. Hard to say what the weather is going to be like that time of year.

In for Ideas
There's the indoor cart track at 36th and N. May.
There's the indoor cart track at 36th and N. May.
xcelent idear

that would be lots o fun
:bump: :bump: :bump:

A little over a month away, time to get serious about doing this. Hope everybody is still intrested in doing this meet. Let me know what you think about Mark's indoor go cart track idea if yall are down I can call one day this week and get some prices.

please let me know your thoughts
What's going on in here?
Dont know i been meaning to get with BMFP to see if we are still going to do this meet. I dont know if my truck is going to be able to make the trip or not.Plus I have some other things that have poped up in the last 2 days for that week, we'll keep you posted. I want to do an OKC meet soon though.
21 - 35 of 35 Posts
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