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Hello all!

I got the notice from OnStar a while ago that my '09 Colorado would lose its OnStar connectivity due to 2G networks going down in favor of 4G and 5G, and that to keep services (with caveats) I have to put this 'Link' into my OBDII sensor. I was wondering if you need to have your cell phone in the car for OnStar to continue to work, since the OnStar FAQ says I need to pair it to the Onstar Guardian app? I have the Safety and Security plan, but have not bothered to download the Guardian app, and I am mainly worried that if my truck gets stolen that without my cell phone inside I could not get OnStar to remote stop my truck, and/or whether the service would not work if I was out of cell service range.

If these problems are relevant, what are others doing to either protect their truck from theft and/or have emergency services available while off-roading? Just curious of other's ideas; thanks in advance!
On-Star will rarely shut down your truck in the event it is stolen. They may tell you where it’s at but they need a pretty specific criteria to shut down your truck remotely.

I personally recommend removal of On-Star. It’s useless imho.
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