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opinions on fender flares

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has anyone ever lifted your Colorado and used rx sport extreme fender flares to cover your tires. I'm wondering how they would look and if anyone has any pictures of this. also wondering how much they cover. thanks in advance. post those pics!!!!!
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Never heard of them, do you have a link?
that's the best link I could find. was wondering what it would look like on a lifted truck
They'll look the same as if you painted the flares that are on the truck in your avatar. They offer no more coverage than the ZQ8 or Z85 flares.
They are copies of Xtreme flares, and will probably look like crap without the complimenting bumper cover and side skirts.
well Alright then... i was just offered to buy some. I'm still in search of those z71 flares for a fair price
They wont offer you any protection. For a cheap option like I did you could buy a bedliner and cut and shape some flares for yourself
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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