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Opinions on these rotors ( Ultra Rotor 580216 Slotted )

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Looking at doing my brakes soon. Not sure If I wanna get the stock ones resurfaced or buy new. Saw these on Rock Auto for $40 shipped to my door. Stay away or decent deal? Im not hard on my brakes. My 04 only has 58K miles.

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If you can find a shop that will turn the rotors on your vehicle that would be my suggestion. No labor of R&R that way. And the rotor is true to your spindle that way.

Always remember - you get what you pay for. A $40 slotted rotor seems low to me. I'd wonder how well they hold up under an aggressive pad (assuming you are putting on a superior brake if you are considering a slotted rotor). If not increasing brake pad performance, no need to change rotors unless yours are beyond repair.

That is of course my opinion. I've never felt that a stock vehicle required slotted rotors, and especially not if you have an average pad.
The description says [Wholesaler Closeout -- 30 Day Warranty] so that would be a good enough reason not to purchase them in my opinion.

Also you have to consider replacing the rotors on these trucks is not an easy task and imagine yourself having to do it twice when a problem occurs.
Thanks. I thought it was too good to be true also. Im going to check the Oreilly auto down the road from me and see if they can resurface my stockers. Guy at work told me they can do captive rotors also.

Then I'll get a good set of pads somewhere.
Oreilly doesn thave the adapters to resurface stock rotors. I went and got new ones from advance auto. I paid like $25 a piece for them
Can you find a shop to resurface them on the vehicle?

The cheap cost of labor may be quickly trumped when you factor in your labor time to do the work.
There isn't a single shop locally (where I currently live, or where my hometown is) that has the machine to turn rotors on the vehicle. They all look at me like :shrug:

I just bought new rotors last time, way easier.
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