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ok so I posted this question on another forum a couple days ago and didn't really get any real feedback so I'm presenting it to you guys. I'm new here, haven't had my colorado long and am just now really trying to break into it and fix some of the wore out items. Tidbit of info, its a 2005 3.5L z71 single cab with the automatic trani and 4x4. My latest project was resealing the transfer case. ordered the front output seal from rock auto and the rear output from o'reilly, got them in and like a dummy popped the old ones out without really looking at the new ones very closely. of course neither one fit. I took the rear back to a different oreilly, got a new one that looked similar but with a dust shield, asked them about the front to which they said they couldnt find it. got on the internet and looked at various places like summit and carparts and they all listed the same part number 4813v which was the one I had ordered from rock.

So anyway to make an already long story shorter, I've looked everywhere, including the commercial part stores and no one has found anything but the 4813v. to make it worse the second rear seal i got from oreilly turned out to be a pinion seal and upon taking it back they told me they couldn't find the rear either. I broke down and ordered one from the dealership, friend of a friend hooked me up with a discount, but that still doesn't explain why no one else can find the right seals for this thing. They're external seals so I wouldn't think they would be that hard to find.

just for clarity, when i say front and and rear output seals, I'm talking about the two seals around the splined shafts coming out of the transfer case, the rear simply pops out once you slide out the rear drive shaft, the front you take the driveshaft off, unstake the 36mm nut and pull the yoke and its directly behind that, in between it and the bearing.
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