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The Pennsylvania 355 Chapter hosted another mod meet to help out 06Stinger yesterday

Yep that's right another mod meet at my place. This time we got together at my place in order to help out 06Stinger (Wayne) with an interior make over.

This included installing power, leather H3 Seats, an H3 console, an H3 Shifter, sound deadening the interior, and new carpeting.

06Stinger (Wayne and his step-son, Miles), TurboAl (Al), comdrop9073 (Dave), and Gassey (Mark + Kaitlan)

Here's the pics from the "Stinger" meet...

The crew.. Miles, Al, Wayne and Dave

Al was the first to arrive around 8:30am.

Dave, Wayne and Miles rolled a short time later and we wasted no time gettin' to work...

Power, Leather H3 Alpha's...

Wayne broke the rear seatbelt bolts off, so he grinded down the busted bolts with the grinder.... It's always fun making sparks...

Dave got busy disconnecting the shifter linkage from the transmission.

Mark hooking up the RAP for the seats..

Tearing out the old nasty, coffee stained carpet...

Dave's truck, clean as always...

Wayne and Al sharing a moment...


Me and Wayne...

H3 shifter..

Me wiring up the fuctional brake transmission shift interlock (BTSI) solenoid for the H3 shifter.

Taking the steering column apart to remove the column shiftrt and access the BTSI solenoid.

Making a mount for the shifter... In a pinch, we decide to make due with a tomato stake.

Fitting the carpeting...

Dave trimming the carpet to fit...

Dave and Wayne fitting the H3 sifter and console...

Dave, Wayne and Miles installing the console...

Dave wiring up the power H3 seats...

Almost done... I can't remember how many times I thought that...

Wayne started getting loopy around nidnight and went in the house and took a nap.

We starting gettin' goofy around 1-2am during the carpet install...

Dave bolt'n up the seats...


Dave gettin' buzz'd...

Wraped up the old 60/40 cloth seats..

Dave, Miles and I joined the 3:55 club. Longest mod meet perhaps..? 19+ hours.

Thanks to Wayne for catering a deli/hoagie spread that was really, REALLY good. I think Dave has pics of our lunchtime feast.

Long night, but goods times hangin' with my buddies modding truck.

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Awesome work, crew and pics!

So within a 1 week period the PA355s and the SRC re-established the 3:55 crew.

I'm also trying to decide which of those crazy carpet hat pics is going to be my new avatar :kiki:

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Wayne looks stoked. :lmao:

Might want to make sure he wasn't taking a dookie. Long mod meets means that some forget to use the restroom until it's too late; sometimes, way to late. :lol:

Great pictures and looks like a fun meet. Love that floor shifter mod, always been one of my favorites.

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Yeah I think 19hrs qualifies as the longest one day mod meet that I'm aware my time on the Nation.

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Just about wrapped up with the Dynamat.

Dave, checking out the linkage...

Solder anyone?

Carpet scoring.

Quietest time of the day...

Now THAT'S a Hoagie!!!

Rich preparing for the moment of truth.

Wire test...

The morning after.....(the morning)

A BIG thanks to the crew....Rich, Dave, AL, Miles and Mark....I couldn't have done it without you.
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