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Passenger window stops working?

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Weird thing is going on with my passenger window. Hit the switch to lower it and it goes down a little bit then stops and the switch stops working. Turn the truck off and let it sit for an hour go out and the window switch works for a second again and then quits, could it be a bad motor or connection?
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First. Disconnect your battery cables for like an hour to give the BCM an opportunity to reset.
I just went thru this, my case was not a battery BCM issue it was a window motor that need to be cleaned. Mine would stop working but if I lifted the glass abit by hand it would run again so I could close it. I surprised myself as I have not had good luck with electric motor repairs before. I needed to see the motor for ordering a replacement so it was out so I took it apart and the commentator ? was black with grease and as simple cleaning with brake clean on a rag and some scotch bright, fresh grease on the bearings and it runs like NEW. Write up on removal is here somewhere.
Best of luck
The issue for the window is common. Some have already stated the easiest way to correct it by using the Master switch to raise and lower the window. If the lights on your master switch are flashing once you turn the car ignition to the "ON" position it can be easily corrected by holding the window switch down until the window is all the way down. Hold the switch down for 3 seconds when its all the way in at the bottom then raise the window with the switch and hold it for 3 seconds once the window is all the way up. The master switch will stop flashing and it will be corrected. The window does indeed get stuck in cold weather and doesn't properly automatically raise or lower causing the malfunction. I have had the same problem a few mornings.
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