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Phoenixart build...

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Hey guys, Pretty new to the forum and truck, iv had it about 3 months now and loving it...I have big plans for it so ill just start my thread here from Day 1..

2004 Colorado Z85 2.8 when I bought it, it had 79,894mi
So far all iv done is
-Cleared headlights
-Removed nerf bars
-Custom Sub box
-Plastidipped Flares

Day 1

Now (havnt done much yet)

Whats to come
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looks great so far, I hate the fact that there is no options for sub boxes for ext cabs
Nope not at all...I figured I'd never ride anyone back there
Looking good
Thanks...right now I'm working on getting my bumper,grille and flares paint matched..hopefully gonna drop it early next year....then 5.3 later
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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