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Please help with my tires and wheels

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Hey guys. I have a 2009 GMC Canyon z71 crew cab. I have stock 17 inch rims on 265/70/17 BFG M/T. I have found rims I really want to buy, they are 20'' replica wheels.I have already put in new torsion bars and will crank them if i need too. I'm wondering if I could fit 275/55/20 on stock suspension? Or would they fit if I cranked torsion bars 2 or 2.5 inches. Offset on rims I want 27mm and don't need big Mud tires..thanks everyone
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IIRC when guys run 32x11.5 (275/55R20 = 32x11) they need at least a 3" lift and still rub some. Did you check out the lifted wheel/tire fitment chart?
Not a huge difference in size, less than a half inch taller and wider.
So in theory they would fit? Could easily just crank TB too
Your old vs. new wheel width, offset, and backspacing will have just as much of an effect as tire size on whether or not they fit.

You'll need to put all of that information into a wheel/tire online calculator to determine what the exact ramifications will be.
Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't your stock wheels 7" wide?
Factory wheel specs are 17x7 with an offset of 33.
Yeah he had 9" in the calculator.

Couldn't tell you if anyone else is running 20x9 with +27 offset. According to the calculator it should work. Full lock would be my concern.
Online Wheel and Tyre Fitment Calculator. Offset, Tyre Stretch and Speedo Error | Will They Fit

Yes I put in 9, that's the new one. Thanks again everyone for helping out. It shows the rim a lot closer to the strut
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