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I have a 2005 Colorado l5 2wd z71
I am driving a lot for doctors appointments, 300 miles round trip, and on the way home, the truck starts hesitating as if losing power, but not losing a lot of rpm until going up hill, then I lose speed when it does it. But then around town the same day it's drastically revving and then losing power all the way across town. Had to go up a hill on the shoulder, lurching and jerking. It's done it twice now, and both times it seems to cool down overnight and then be perfectly drivable the rest of the week until I make another long trip.
Occasionally in the last year that I've had it, the dash and radio would shut off while driving for about a minute and the speed and rpm gages drop to zero. Then everything resets like I've just turned the key on, the lights blink on and then off, except for I think the alarm (lock) light, which would stay lit for at least as long as the truck was still turned on.
Just had the oil changed the day after a 300 mile trip last week, mechanic said oil and trans fluids are all the right consistency, and of course he didn't notice the problem since it had cooled down.
No cel at any point since I've owned it.
I've attached a video of driving around town yesterday after getting back from 300 miles round trip. Turning right at a stop light and going about 3 blocks.
Go easy on me, oh gods of luck, because mine is definitively bad and I can't afford this.
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