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[Progress Log] ATMINSIDE's 2005 Z85 4x4

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This thread has been a long time in the making, but here goes! As promised in my intro thread :)

Back in March of 2016, I finally got a truck. It came up after buying the house, and I got a deal.
The truck itself is a 2005 Chevy Colorado Standard Cab Z85 4x4 with the 5 speed manual transmission. It had 194K on the clock at the time, almost 199K now.
Completely bare bones, the only features it had were auto headlights, Z85, and 4WD.

Issues with the truck at the time I bought it:
- Headlights and tail lights needed replacing
- Fuel cap message (P0455)
- Front/rear bumper were a bit banged up
- Seat was halfway worn out, was the fixed bench (no arm rest)
- Tint is crap
- Toolbox had no key, so I couldn't lock it

Mods I have done so far:
- Replaced the clock spring to add cruise, unknowingly the turn signal was almost worn out as well.
- Replaced the 3rd brake light with an LED one
- Swapped all accessory bulbs with LED (interior, plate, etc)
- Added fog lights which run any time the headlights are on (byproduct of replacing bumper/headlights)
--- Lights
--- Relay
--- Relay Harness
--- Bulbs
--- Bulb Harnesses
--- Fuse Holder
- Swapped the seats for H3 buckets with a Colorado center console, thread below
- Added OSH's
--- Grip Handle | Genuine GM | 15134376 : GM Parts Direct: Your direct source for Genuine GM Parts
- Changed window visors to ones that weren't falling apart (bought the in-channel kind)
- New tail lights, post #10.
- New front shocks, post #13.
-- Skyjacker Black Max B8540
- New rear shocks
-- Skyjacker Black Max B8584
- Removed toolbox and put on a roll-up tonneau cover, post #21.
-- Tonno Pro Lo-Roll LR-1025
- Cooper Discoverer ATP in 31x10.5R15, post #32.
- New rear leafs, post #39.
- Driver's side SwingCase, post #44.
- Kenwood KDC-HD262U Radio and JVC Club 6520 Speakers.
- Supermod SFAN4500 Electric Fan Kit, post #51.
- OBX Stainless Header, post #58.
- OEM Mud Flaps, post #61.

Fixes I have done so far:
- Replaced parking brake cable, the clip was broken off
- Replaced front bumper (added fog light cutouts at the same time)
- Chased P0455 error... see thread below
- Bought a key for the toolbox, still wouldn't work. Fixed the locking mechanism!
- Replaced catback with a Walker OEM kit due to a hatchet job muffler rusting out at the welds.
- Replaced fuel filter, looked like it hadn't ever been done.
- Replaced MAP sensor.
- Replaced PCV vent hose.
- Blower motor resistor and harness fix.
- Changed fluids for AMSoil; front/rear diff, transfer case, and transmission.
- New Moog U-Joints for rear driveshaft, post #65.

Had it out wheeling a couple of times.
- The best (early) trip was out to the beach at Freeman Park in NC, June 2016. Sand was soft enough on the first day I was sinking an easy 4" down.
- Freeman Park (again), post #43.
- Linville Gorge Hiking, post #57.

Planning a trip to Uwharrie later this month, we'll see how that goes!!

I'll continue to update this thread with more info as I progress, there's some nice LED tail lights here ready for install along side my SuperSparkz :bestest:

Other planned (future to way future) mods include a mild lift to fit some 31" AT's, maybe a new radio to get HD.

2/23/2017 - Changing references of Z71 to Z85.
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Looks good so far man!
That's what I said about the second one I just picked up....then I actually made a list and realized that 'not too much' for me is borderline crazy for most lol.
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