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Project: Black & Blue

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Well since I never put together a build for my truck, I decided it was time

Bought this truck in 2009 only because my 98 Blazer needed a lot of work to it. I found it at dealership for only $12,900 with 2600 miles on it.

Truck info
2009 Granite Black Ext Cab

The day I bought her

First thing I did when I got home, I got online and started shopping for some new audio (I hate stock) I ran across (what seemed to be nice) touch screen double din radio (it didn’t last long)

I had an 740watt Pioneer amp laying around so I threw it in then went Best Buy for a sub. No one makes a sub box for an ext cab so I searched the internet which led me to this fine website we know as the Nation.

I ended up with a simple box I had made out of concrete piller tube and painted it black

While I was at Best Buy they had a set of 6.5 and tweeters on clearance for $29 so why not upgrade the door speakers while I am at it.

Then I bought some inserts for my grille and plasti dipped my bowtie

I had a lady in an Expedition hit me from behind so I went with a roll pan

It looked kinda funny with factory rims so I found a set on craigslist for $400 with tires

While I was on craigslist, I found a 2/3 drop kit for $100 (blocks and springs)
Ended up buying the bottom insert to make it look a little better

I ended up plasti dipping the rims to make it look like something different

And again about a year later

I got tired of those rims, they were 9.5 wide and I didn’t like the way they stuck out so I picked up some Maas 031B

Found another member selling his truck (Cuzican) and was looking for stock parts so I met up with him and switched out the bumper and grille. I ended up with his back up lights and rear view mirror. I added some LED tail lights and LED license plate light at some point

And I found another member parting out his truck and I ended up with his hood and all red 3rd brake light

I decide that I would cut my inserts to fit the extreme grille and I busted out the plasti dip again

Chrome on the wheels wasn’t my thing so I removed the inserts

Picked up a set of LCAs from another member

I had to get some smaller tires since it rubbed like crazy up front

I had bought some flares at some point, I tried them on and didn’t like them so I traded Ivan for some LED work on my cluster & white needles

Months after I bought the beltech drops leafs, I finally got them on after I did my notch

Only drove it one day and them my clutch went out….it sat for about a month then changed it out.

At some point I added the following (not pictured):
10” Pioneer DVC (got this from Bluesteel)

JVC double din

6k Low beam HIDs and Fogs
Billet Shifter

Low Pro crossmember (got this from Hotrado)
Painted the brake calibers and drums

Here are some current pictures:

With Ivan

And a picture I did about 5 years ago of what I wanted my truck to look like (I found it about 3 months ago)

I am currently building a fiberglass speaker box for a 10” sub to fit between the seats since nobody sells one for an ext cab
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Its come a long way, looking good.
Its come a long way, looking good.
I would like to blame you for starting the modding madness once but thanks again for everything!

added some more pics to the opening post
Nice transformation thus far!
here is a picture of the speaker box I built out of the concrete tube

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Christmas gift, I will post pictures tomorrow if I get them on


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Wired up and ready to go. I also made my 3rd brake light (cargo lights) blink with the taillights and mirrors.


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I ended up cutting the power wire to the cargo lights and running the blinkers up to it. Took Rich's guide and added to it. my back light was all red so no converting or coloring it. funny thing, I had a resistor go out and it ended up fixing the faster blinker by doing this

Video here
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Time to start upgrading my audio, here is the first step


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Next had to be an amp.....TBC


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That turn signal mod in the 3rd brake light is pretty damn cool
Truck looks great
Truck looks great

That turn signal mod in the 3rd brake light is pretty damn cool
I couldnt use the cargo lights anymore so I decided to do something with them. and I wanted to do something that nobody has done yet
I aprove of this truck, carry on! :popc:

That front bumper with the billet inserts looks sharp!
Order a set of these today
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