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[Project]: Dry White Toast

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Well, here's my new truck, DWT. I picked it up a few weeks ago. It's a 2011 with 37k miles. It's pretty plain, and like the Blues Mobile, it used to be a (rent-a-) cop vehicle. It's my new daily driver. Long term, I'd like to just knock the ugly off and do a mild drop on some wheels.

They took off my stock hubcaps and put these Ford van hubcaps on it. If anyone has a pair of stock hubcaps they don't want and they'd mail to me, let me know.

I bought it in a thunderstorm in St. Louis. When I got it home and it stopped raining, I realized the turn signals were full of moisture. So the first thing I did was replace them.

I noticed the arm rest was soft, and knew that if I didn't fix it, it would completely fall apart like the first Colorado I test drove. So I made it easy, and ordered the fix it piece and put it in.

The latest things I've done this weekend are get my license plates transferred over, and buy the $100 radio harness and moved my Pioneer deck into it. The OnStar still works, and the radio actually shuts off when I open the door. :eek5:

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This is my Blazer its phasing out (before it got rusty).

This is the pink noma. My first build. I've owned it for 15 years, and even managed to get a feature in Truckin' a few years ago.

And my favorite truck ever, Cosby. My brown '87 S10 I bought bone stock with 62k for $800.

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Weird seeing your username pop up on this forum. I remember watching your '94 closely back when you had it painted. Feels like a decade ago.
Close. That was about 8 1/2 years ago.
Hey, I actually did something to my truck. 3/4 with DJM arms and blocks.

I've been driving it every day. It's up to 50k miles now.

The black plastic lug caps are in the mail. Probably will order some Belltech Street Performance 2210IF shocks for the rear (unless any of you guys have a better suggestion) when the world gets back in order. I'm dying to get a white air dam for the front also. $200 is a little steep for what it is, and again, it doesn't make much sense to spend the money right now.

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