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Project Dust-Off Build #1 - 2007 Colorado

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This build will take place mid-December, so for now, I'd like to introduce the recipient of our very first build.

Project Dust-Off’s Build #1 recipient is United States Marine Sgt. Kyle Keefauver

Kyle was born and raised in Lancaster, CA for 19 years. In high school, Kyle was sucked into the off-road world by his best friend, hitting the back hills of Lancaster in a 70′s step-side Chevy and beat up Toyota pickups.

When Kyle graduated high school, he had no plans other than finding a way to work on trucks. College wasn’t really his thing, so after wasting a year on odd jobs and such, he went and visited the recruitment office.

Having grown up through the events of 9/11 and having the utmost respect for military members, Kyle always knew if he did join the military, it would be with the Marine Corps. Between having one of the most vicious reputations and recognizable uniforms, he felt there was no other choice.

Kyle shipped off to Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego 3 weeks later on Nov 27th of 2007 and graduated as a Marine Feb 21st 2008. He continued on through combat training and Motor Transport Mechanic school until arriving at Camp Pendleton with the 9th Communications Batallion in July of 2008.

While at Camp Pendleton, Kyle spent his time as a mechanic working on HMMWV’s, 7 Tons and LVS’s. In March of 2010, he deployed to Afghanistan for 7 months with Combat Logistics Regiment 15, where he provided mechanical support during convoy operations all across the southern province of Helmand.

After returning from deploynent, Kyle was given the opportunity to reenlist, which he gladly did. He then received orders to the famed 2nd Battalion 4th Marines (aptly nicknamed “The Magnificent Bastards”), where he was the acting Shop Chief in the Motor Transport Section. After a year, Kyle was pulled to recruiting school and ended up on the mean streets of Santa Barbara California where he serves as “Your local Marine Corps recruiter”.

“For two years, I have had the privilege of giving some of this country’s best and brightest the opportunity to carry on the legacy of the Marines that came before us and I plan on retiring in the Marine Corps.” -Sgt Kyle Keefauver
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Current Sponsors:

-Go Big Truck Performance in Ventura, CA is donating all the labor and helping to source parts.
-Swamp Donkey Lighting is donating a 20" Single Row Elite bar.
-Bigass Hitches is donating a custom 17-ton recovery shackle, hydrodipped in digital camo.
-CST Suspension was going to donate a 5" spindle lift, but then we found out the truck was already lifted. XD They still deserve an Honorable Mention.
-Overnight Decals From Japan is creating a "Supporter" fundraiser decal and will donate $10 for each one that is sold through their store.

The next phase is sourcing a wheel/tire package as well as continuing to locate sponsors for other accessories to add to the build. What we can't get in sponsorships, we'll purchase via public donations/fundraiser decals.
Congratulations Marine Sgt keefauver Kyle
any info on when the decal will be available?
Randojim, hopefully by tomorrow. ��
It would be interesting to see McNeil Racing, Trailer Products or Fiberwerx involved in this build...
Since this is our first build and since we have no idea how it will pan out (makes it more exciting, IMO), I would like to clarify what we mean by "build". At the beginning of every build, the primary focus is to do suspension, rims and tires. Just the basic transformation. But, as donors and sponsors help out, it all adds to it. During the next 5-6 weeks, who knows what the final project will end up looking like. This is his DD, so we don't plan on going overboard with it. In this case, the truck is already lifted. But I think the rear had blocks added, so we may pull those to give it the prerunner stance he wants. We'll see.

I spoke with Method Race Wheels today, so hopefully they're going to kick in a set of wheels. After that, the next step is to source a set of new A/T tires. And we'd like to find a company to design a wrap for it that ties into his position as a recruiter. And maybe have someone build a prerunner bumper and a spare tire rack if I can't get ADD and TireGate to kick in products. Would like to do an exhaust and an intake and a new battery and tint the windows, etc.

All it requires is $ or sponsors. Sounds so easy. On top of the fact that everyone just shot their budgetary wad on SEMA, it makes it that much more difficult.

But it's worth the effort.
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The truck is leaf spring under axle in the rear so blocks won't raise the rear. It either has lift shackles or add a leafs or both if the rear is raised
Yeah, I went and looked at the CST kit after typing that post and saw what the rear needs. My bad. ��
Stuff like this is a awesome. You should refer him to the Nation.
Hit up @Supermodulation too. He has some awesome parts available.
subbed.. this is sweet.
That is a cool sticker
There's a few other nice ones on their site
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