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Project "White Lightning" 09 3.7 5 speed - [email protected] n/a

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Yes, you read that correctly (09 3.7 5spd!) ;) but we'll get to that later.

Just buddy came up with White Lightning and I think it is hilarious and awesome for a slow truck so we're keeping it!

Some of you may remember my old truck (totaled back in November 2016):

Well it has been almost a year but...I'm back with a new truck! Pictures and more information to come...

DirtySouth tune
04-06 AEM intake with MAF adapter
KPE equal length header
Eaton true-trac with 3.73 gears
Borla ProXS 400481
open header cut out
Ported throttlebody

5 speed swapped with Hurst short throw shifter.

Interior (what is that?):
driver seat only
no radio
kept A/C though. I'm not that crazy...yet

VIS Carbon Fiber Hood
Xtreme wheels with 275/40R18 Nitto NT555s
GMC grille with Steet Scene insert
Checkmate tonneau cover

Belltech 2xAdj coilovers and rear shocks
DJM Gen 2 control arms
MMW extended upper control arms
Belltech 3" Leaf springs
Belltech 1" blocks
helper spring mod on top front of Belltech leafs

I need to clean it up and do a photoshoot lol. Here are some pics for now though:

Oh and also... @ivan351 I'm coming for your record and then some! lol


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@Skizzo Did you see much difference with the cutout open/closed.
Is your cutout before or after the rear Cat. Thanks Justin
@Iarado there was no significant difference between open and closed. The two runs you see I the is open and one is closed. The truck made 1wtq more with it closed which basically means nothing.

My cut out is before where the stock cat would be. It is about a foot after the header

@Skizzo Thanks for that info. Been thinking about a cutout but would like to get something out of it (besides noise). I was reading someplace the best place is behind the last CAT (I have header as well) to get back-pressure ???
Thanks a lot for that @Skizzo
Guess I'll throw the cutout way on the back burner!
1 - 3 of 53 Posts
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