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So I've had the truck for about a year now and recently one of the low beam headlights burnt out. The previous owner had installed some Junyan halo headlights and after taking them out to replace the low beams I noticed just how adjustment they are as one appears to shine higher than the other but together they definitely don't shine up the road all that much and mainly right in front of my bumper.

I did see what appeared to be adjustments for the high beams but nothing for the low beams. Also i noticed that one of the highbeam's adjustment bolts were set way out were the other light didn't appear to be adjusted at all.

Does anyone have an idea how to adjust the low beams and how to adjust the high beams correctly, like the proceed to see if they are even right, and if it's normal that one headlight would have so much adjustment and the other barely if any at all!

I've tried emailing and contacting the manufacturer of the lights and it appears as though they are out of business :(

Thanks guys!
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