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Question about tire pitch

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My tire is at a bad angle. It happened when I checked the brakes. The upper balljoint seems to be stuck at an angle the causes the top od the tore to be out farther than the bottom. The uppers were replaced less than a year ago. They are greaseable. I'm wondering if I could try to grease it. Seems soon to buy a new one. The boot is not torn. This happened after I tried to remove the caliper with a hammer because I didn't understand the setup. I could try to pop it loose. I am not certain that this is the problem. But before I removed the tire there was not a problem. I took it off again. All of the nuts are on right. The tire is secure and doesn't wobble. The guy at the tire place said the passenger tire does appear to be angled outward at the top. I can't find a problem. It was aligned a few months ago. Can someone shed any ideas on the matter?
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When looking at the truck from the front, does it sit level or is it raised up on the passenger side.
It looks like the top of the tire stocks out a little like ots not straight up and down. The upper balljoint rubber is empty. I will try to add grease to it asap. Hopefully thats whats causing it.
Does this truck have upper control arm eccentrics? I ask because the top is definitely tipped out.
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