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First of all I would like to thank this forum for all the information they have and this great community of colorados.
I own a great white 2007 Chevrolet Colorado Crew Cab LT 5 cylinder.

I'm not an expert in installing car alarms but a few weeks ago I came across this post (HOW-TO: Install a Car Alarm & Remote Starter (355)) and I feel excited to know how easy it seemed to be the installation of an alarm and remote start, so I decided to buy the following components:
  • Viper 350 PLUS 3105V (2015 model)
  • Fortin - PASSLOCK-SL2-V2 - GM Passlock and VATS Transponder Key Bypass Module
Thanks to the article I was able to successfully install the alarm, open and close the doors and the bypass module...
however the remote start simply does nothing. (please see the video attached)
All connections are made under the driver just after the key sensor.

I have already tried re-programming the bypass module multiple times and the alarm control to activate the ignition. but at the time of sending the signal, it only turns on the LED.
I am really confused, I already checked my connections multiple times and I have been reading other articles in search of the solution and I simply cannot find the reason why it does not want to turn on remotely.

Can someone give me more ideas? Or tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Video of behavior

this is the wiring diagram
Rectangle Font Parallel Diagram Engineering

I didn't know what to do with this... the alarm instructions don't say anything about this relay, and when I was checking with a multimeter I realized that when the buttons were pressed it didn't send any voltage, so I didn't connect it
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Electrical wiring Hood Optical fiber cable Cable Automotive tire

Thanks in advance for your time and expertise.

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That relay is your starter relay. But it doesn’t seem to even be engaging at all. Do the door locks work with the remote?
Every one that I’ve installed over the years, had to have the relay. But I will say that I removed a remote start from my 09 canyon that I picked up and to my surprise…there was no relay. also, the starter wire had to be cut to hook up the relay, but this one was simply tapped. I’ve never encountered that before.

The remote starthas a few safety mechanisms. There is a hood pin switch (hood must be closed to start), a brake switch (kills the remote start if it is pressed ) and a neutral safety switch (will not start in any gear except park. Make sure all of those are hooked up right.
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