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the 2 that matter the most in my life well theres one more but she was busy throwing rocks in the river .lol

heath's xtreme Fording the river

Eric's rado

Brian after crossing. i was peein inthe woods while he was crossing my bad!!

my daughter infront of the trucks

brian showing Heath, eric.. how to set ISO settings on the camera.and my fiance` and daughter throwing rocks inthe mud in the backround lol

they said go crazy play inthe mud.. i did

gas station in hannibal on the way home.. soo much mud caked to headlights my HID's were pointless. i couldnt see 2feet infront of me had to DESTROY their window cleaner squeegee

rock flew off my truck.. hit eric's windshield.. now he matches my truck's windshield and Heath's lol the rock chip crew

on the way to quincy pitstop side of the road.. eric's gf had to feed her new baby boy..
i got bored and drew on eric's window

taken from eric's iphone 3gs

eric ... trying to be PAC-MAN

eric driving.
1 - 20 of 39 Posts
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