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Radio Bezel & Vent Bezels

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Need radio bezel and vent bezels pls. Must be in good condition. Text is faster, 606 975 5721

Paypal $$$ get at me
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how about not.
Thanks man, but I would prefer them not be painted or anything.

Found the radio bezel on GMParts brand new for $40, so now I just need the vent bezels. I don't even need the actual vent parts that snap in, just the silver bezels.

Someone's gotta have some laying around!
Sweet ass.
bump a roo

still need vent bezel cover things. i dont need the actual vents that snap in, just the bezels. like bad. like a high school senior needs to lose his virginity bad.

get at me
The tops? Explain pls?

I just need the normally silver bezel parts that the actual vents snap into from the back. The part that people usually paint. But I want just the stock factory silver.
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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