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Random cluster errors, electrical gremlins?

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I have a 2011 Colorado 3.7 Z71 that has recently starting having very weird issues. after starting up to go to work the other day, my cluster started showing seemingly random errors, shutting down and coming back on, and will sometimes shut off completely showing only check engine and passlock lights. When it is like this, the truck will not start.

In troublehsooting, I found my AC resistor, harness, and blower all needed to be changed out so I did that yesterday as well as cleaned the two splice packs mount points (even though they looked perfectly fine). Also added a second ground from the splice behind the battery to the same spot the battery negative mounts to the body. It ran fine for 30+ min in the driveway while I put back together the glove box and cleaned up all the tools, plus a quick trip around the neighborhood, and multiple start/stops after. I thought it was fixed, then it did all the same stuff this morning when I was trying leave for work this morning.

Other notes and things I've checked from posts similar but not quite the same errors and symptoms:
Disconnecting the battery for 10+ minutes seems to get it to run normally for one or two more restarts, then it has the same problems.
Also opened up the passenger side splice and no corrosion.
I've owned the truck since 2012 so I know there's likely not any weird mods, botched fixes, etc.
No CEL/DTC show up on OBD scanner.
Cluster Errors: Brakes, Traction Fault, stability system, something about fluid, and a couple others I can't remember

Here's a video of the errors and rebooting cluster. Side note, low tire / tpms errors are normal, I've been too lazy to get the bad sensor replaced.
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1 - 0 of 23 Posts