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Greetings and salutations!!!!

I've been a forum member for almost 5 years now........lurking, pathetically quiet, absorbing good information and maintaining a 2008 Colorado Crew Cab 4x4 that I picked up in April of 2015 with 141k on it. It now has 250k ish, and rolling strong despite no. 1 and 3 cylinders with lower compression (90 ish, 3.7 I5). Trans rebuilt a couple years ago at 200k. This rig has been an amazing vehicle for me since getting out of the sport compact car line of transportation, particularly a 2002 WRX wagon I owned for 13 years racking 331k....., and then decided it was time to get a pickup. I supposedly have a two car garage, and my Colorado barely fits, lengthwise, hence my search for a mid sized PU. I have 3 kids of varying ages and the wagon was getting small for my needs. Found this truck online. Was at a local used car lot. Applied online at 11 pm on my handy laptop..... 36 hours later I was the new owner of a used truck that I never saw in person or test drove.

Anyway, hope to chime in some things in the future. I have a modest list of things that I've done to my vehicle, and more are in the works in the near future. A belated thanks to many of those who do not know how helpful they've been to me over the past years, many (95%+/-) I cannot name offhand, lol! Cheers and Happy New Year!!

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