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I saw another related thread here, so I think this is the spot for this post.

I got my PLX Devices OBDII wifi sensor (the Kiwi Wifi), which broadcasts my engine data to an iPad or iPhone and compatible app (Android soon). Out of the four or so apps that it works with, I chose DashCommand.

Here's how it works. Plug in the cable to the OBD port under the dash and connect your device to the Kiwi's wifi. Start the app and nerdgasm over the realtime data.

Here are some initial screenshots from the DashCommand app on my iPad. I had just started to mess around with it. My truck was warm + I live in a rural hilly area. So don't take any of this data as gospel.

Power and Torque were not measured as I believe that requires an extra PID sensor:

Fuel. You should have seen this when I was hypermiling. 70 mpg. Of course, getting UP the hill was like, 6 mpg lol.

G Force, accel/braking. Circular to indicate direction.

Engine stuffs. My intake was 135 idling and the lowest I saw it reach was 85 I think.

Here's screen 2 of Engine stuffs. Again, it seems additional PIDs needed for Catalyst and Fuel Pressure:

I like that the app allows you to set up different profiles for different cars.

Anyway, I don't really have a ton of experience with regular OBD II sensors, this is my first go with em. I can only try my best to answer questions about the app.
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