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Hey all, I have this interesting issue with the truck and I think I have diagnosed it, but I'm not sure.

Basically, when the following set of conditions occurs, I get a clicking/popping noise that sounds like it's coming from the cab vents at the back corners.

- Fan set to 0
- Recirc On
- Windows up
- Vehicle in motion

When I stop, the sound stops. The noise is not worse when going 20 vs when going 70, though.

If it is the cab vents, are they easy to replace or do I need to remove the bed?
It looks like the part number is 15188171, not sure if that's correct or not.

Thanks all for any ideas of what to check.

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If the sound is coming from the outboard right end of the instrument panel it could be the recirc actuator. If it is, I wish you luck. If you remove the glove box and stick your head way under the instrument panel and look outboard, you can just see the connector. Quite a few years ago a guy reported that he was able to replace it, but admitted that he had extremely skinny arms and hands. The first step in the Manual for replacing the actuator is "Remove the HVAC module assembly".
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