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Red-Devil getting LS-swapped

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well I started this a few days a go its a 2004 chevy Colorado getting a LS swap ill be posting what I use to make someone else's swap go smother than mine.

here is how it started

decided to give it a better stance before I started the swap

here is what will power the Red-Devil

well here we go

started tarring apart the little old I5

and its out

here is the new heart for Red-Devil its a 5.3 block bored to a 5.7 all forged piston & rods all arp on the inside and head bolts. im gonna be running 243 heads milled & ported. fast lsxrt intake with 42lb injectors.

inside view of the engine

and ready to put it in along with its fully built 4L70e tranny

here she sits in place thanks to current performance motor mounts.. I did run in to a problem the oil pan from trucks hangs part the cross members so I will have to order a holley oil pan that is shorter.

added the valve covers and coils along with msd wires

decided to run a DBW throttle body so I went with a ls2 silver blade

this is as far as I got I will be ordering the harness from current performance wiring

as for headers I still don't know what ill be running or which ones clear
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Doug Thorley's Work great passenger side floor board mall dent up, and relocate passenger O2 bung down, that's it Driver side fits like a glove, only on coil spring trucks though... BTW your truck looks kinda like mine.. Love the red..hehe
You might nee to drill the block for the LS2 knock sensors that you will need one on each bank.
I used to call my truck Re devil! Love the motor build so jealous.. my poor under powered 4.8l.

How's the firewall clearance with the fast intake? The stock pan should fit that you have mine did? Running the Silverado oil pan on mine extra quart compared to the LH8 pan

Nice job draining the a/c..that's what that green oil is over the alt, and lift bracket right;
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