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Reg cab and CST 5in

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Came across a CST 5in kit and picked it up.

Been doing some reading on here, and saw some stuff about a gas tank cross-member being an issue on regular cabs with the 5in spindles. wtf. This isn't a pre-07 issue is it? Something I had noticed in the threads I saw the trucks were earlier years.

Anyone have some info they can pass on? I haven't looked around under the truck yet to see this cross-member since it's pretty late here. Posting first.
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I'm pretty sure your a z85 or zq8(meaning that you have coil springs), so your lifting with the CST lift spindles. I may be wrong, but I think that the crossmember is only an issue with z71 or offroad models(have torsion bar suspension).that use subframe lifts. Now you will have to lower the carrier bearing, but CST provides a bracket and instructions for that.

I have a crew cab with the CST spindles, and don't have a clearance issue.

Heres CST solution to the Clearance issue:
It's only an issue with trucks with 1 piece driveshafts.
yeah, I know I'm 2wd.

I hadn't noticed whether the trucks were 2wd or 4x4. Just noticed the issue with a cross member
I'm 05 z85 2wd 1 piece driveshaft and had to notch the crossmember near the gas tank.
It depends on how much you're lifting the rear of the truck. The CST front spindles won't bother the rear. If you go over I think it's 3" of lift in the rear you'll have to notch the crossmember or it will rub when the suspension droops or when you flex it, etc.

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lol yeah..

I'm currently 2.5in higher in the rear. I'm going to wait until I get the spindles on to decide what I'm going to do with the rear.

Thanks for the replies
Or stuck.3in bodylift less trouble if it just for lift look
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