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replace fog lamp bulbs

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is there an easy way to replace the bulb on the oem fog lamps it appears that you almost have to pull the whole light assembly
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I don't know which bumper you have but on the Xtreme bumper you just reach in behind it to swap the bulb. You can turn the wheels to get better access


Removal Procedure
  1. Turn the fog lamp switch to the OFF position.
  2. Disconnect the electrical connector.
  3. Rotate the bulb socket counterclockwise in order to release the socket from the fog lamp housing.
  4. Remove the socket form the fog lamp housing.
  5. Remove the bulb from the socket.

Installation Procedure
  1. Install the bulb to the socket.
  2. Index the tabs on the bulb socket 1 to the slots in the fog lamp housing.
  3. Install the socket to the fog lamp housing.
  4. Rotate the socket clockwise until fully seated.
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the wheels are not in the way but it doesn't feel like there is enough room to get the bulb out while it is still in the socket, has anyone else run into this problem
It is tight, but it is doable, bulb just has to come out and go in at an angle.
i was worried about breaking the bulb leaving the glass inside and not getting the new one in
Take off the pigtail first, then remove the bulb by twisting up.
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