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Hey RJS6262. I have pieced some together on your truck over a few threads. Can you please explain what went wrong with your truck. What you tried before sending the BCM out. And exactly what everything G7 did for you on yours. And of course, how it works out. Could they do a VATS delete on the BCM? And why do you have to have it reprogrammed at the dealer? You have a real informative story here, and I would like to get the details and costs in one place.
My sad story; passlock/vehicle theft problems starting and waiting 15 min with key in ignition than it would start.
1 replaced connector on ignition cylinder.
2 no start would not relearn with chevy process
3 tow to dealer, replaced entire ignition tumblers new key and found BCM was bad.
4 BCM no longer make to may different part numbers on BCM got to be the correct one.
5 salvage BCM got truck going but still had the no start run issue.
6 sent my original BCM to G7 computers in NY they rebuild back to spec. They do not remove theft crap.
7 installed BCM tried relearn not working
8 tow to chevy everything on the truck tested out but unable to get all computers to sync.
9 Chevy had to make new software for my entire truck to work. It's completely done and working so far.
10 only complaint is my mileage on my 04 colorado is 10500 miles and it shows 185k but at least it now is calculating miles as I roll.
11 when something else occurs I will address the mileage issue for now I am up and running.
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